The Write Release aims to promote creativity by providing safe and supportive environments for writers and performers to network and showcase their work.

Who is The Write Release?

Created and managed by Aiden Bex, The Write Release is based mainly in Brighton where regular events are held.

Aiden Bex - performing at The Write Release

Why The Write Release?

After experiencing depression, I was encouraged to start writing as a means of getting my thoughts in order. This helped me deal with several issues and made me realise the importance of creativity and how it impacts on mental health.

Through writing and performing I have made many new friends and have been reminded of how vital it is to feel part of a community.

Basically, the idea is to maintain a thriving community of creative individuals and to provide supportive space for people to express themselves through writing and performance.

And if you’re not in Brighton?

Writers and performers from further afield are also welcome to contribute as part of the wider, online community via the Facebook page, Facebook discussion group, Instagram, and YouTube channel.